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Blazo Gjorev

Chicago, IL


After arriving to the USA back in 2002 with a lack of English language ability, Blazo Gjorev started a temporary employment as a truck driver. After a few years, besides learning the language, he recognized a lot of chances for efficiency in the transportation business. In2005, Blazo Gjorev formed his first firm offering transportation services, and in many years that company became one of the biggest in the Chicago metropolitan region.


In2009, Blazo Gjorev obtained the most respected refrigerated shipping firm within the United States. The corporation encountered financial tough times. Under his supervision, learning and contribution were exchanged, and the firm was fully rebuilt and brought back the financial strength and reputation of a 50-year-old trucking company. The firm was successfully sold to another extremely renowned refrigerated transportation business in the United States.


In2012-2013, after learning what optimization, buying power, and scaling for a trucking company meant, the objective was to establish a platform for small and medium firms to be competitive on the market. The initial firm that Blazo Gjorev founded was for quick financial access to funds, then truck and trailer sales, finance, insurance mixed with heavy consultancy. Blazo Gjorev is delighted to state that he is enabling over 350 trucking firms to be more effective on the market by pooling buying power, access to contemporary technology, and operational experience for growing their business, including competitive pricing for each service.